There is a hot debate as to whether the multicolored trees of New England or the golden aspens of Colorado put on a better fall show. I don’t know. But Rocky Mountain National Park sure looks fine on a sunny October day.

Beaver Meadows
Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park, CO
October, 2016

14,000 ft ASL


In case you haven’t noticed, I like the outdoors but am *not* going to be doing any epic treks any time soon. This was taken from the top of Mount Evans, which was summitted with a car. I know. I’m sorry. But it’s important not to have delusions about the athleticism of photographers.

Mount Evans
Clear Creek County, CO
July, 2016

Sand Dunes

great sand dune 2015

sand dune 2015

The Great Sand Dunes National Park is four hours from Denver. This is great! It’s never busy. It’s also rough, because I only find one or two days a year where I have the time, will, and company needed to make the (gorgeous) drive down the Front Range and through the San Luis Valley to see the dunes.

Great Sand Dunes National Park
Alamosa, CO
October, 2015

Morraine Park

morraine park 2015I’m a nurse, so I have days off during the week when the rest of the world is working. On one of those early, lonely days just after moving to Colorado, I drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park to photograph one of my favorite areas of the park. It was winter, and freezing rain was drizzling down on the meadow as stronger storm clouds rolled over the mountains. I remember being struck by the majesty of the mountains in the clouds and amazed that this was my new home.

Morraine Park
Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
November, 2015