22nd Birthday, Jersey Shore


This was three years ago. I had already resolved to move to Colorado. We had just come back from our ~*~epicmonthlongroadtripoutwest~*~ and I was more disillusioned with New Jersey than I had already been after seeing the wonders of the Southwest and West Coast. We met some friends at Seaside and did the things you do at the Shore (eat pasta, do acid, drink beer), and about two months later, we had saved up enough to move out west for good. Honestly, I’ve lived in Colorado for three years and only started considering the West home a few months ago, when we resolved to definitely not move back to the NJ/NY area. The romance and promise of a new, beautiful place drew me (and so many people) to the west, but the familiarity of the east tore me in half for the longest time.

Island Beach State Park, NJ
August, 2015

Ferns of the Water Gap


Growing up, the Delaware Water Gap was the best hiking near our home in western NJ. It still is amazing, clearly. Although I’ve grown accustom to the sweeping expanses, grasses, and mountains out west, there is an undeniable romance to the misty deciduous forests, streams, and swamps of the east. I miss how dark the forest can be, even in mid-day, and I miss the rowdy undergrowth of the eastern forests, particularly the ferns.

Delaware Water Gap
Walpack, NJ
May, 2015